Boston fans I’m so glad you lost Pour some gas into

Boston fans I’m so glad you lost Pour some gas into the green house


Boston Celtics fans’ “public enemy” Dramond Green (Golden State Warriors) cheered when Boston lost to the Miami Heat and was eliminated.

In the latest episode of “The Dramond Green Show,” Green delivered an oil-pouring message to Boston fans who lost the Eastern Conference finals series.

“It didn’t hurt me to watch Boston fans suffer,” Green said. “They were really rude to me last year and I like them to suffer.”

“Boston fans will excuse Jason Tatum because he was injured, but I don’t hear that at all. Because you’re all rude. And I’m glad you guys lost. “I’m not happy Tatum lost, but I’m glad you lost, Boston fans, especially you guys at the stadium.”

Boston fans booed Green in last year’s final series against Golden State. 메이저사이트

Boston fans have long been called the “public enemy” of basketball players. Michael Jordan, the “King of Basketball,” hated it, and LeBron James, the “King,” also hated it.

Meanwhile, Green’s future at Golden State has become uncertain as General Manager Bob Myers resigns

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