Jennie and I are wearing couple rings We are going

Jennie and I are wearing couple rings We are going to Tokyo together Let’s make a heart Hyunji


Jenny (27), a member of the girl group BLACKPINK, revealed her friendship with model Shin Hyun-ji (27).

BLACKPINK Jenny shared a video with Shin Hyun-ji to fans on the 30th, saying, “This Tokyo travel partner.” It is a video in which two people sit side by side and look at the camera and make playful faces. In the middle of the video, Jenny drew a big heart and expressed her affection.

Jenny also released a video that had a comical effect, saying, “I’m happy to be together,” expressing her excitement. In particular, Jenny took a picture of her making a hand heart with Shin Hyun-ji and released it, which drew laughter by saying, “Let’s do a heart, Hyun-ji,” to Shin Hyun-ji, who is awkward with the hand heart. Jenny said, “Yes. “My friend said he didn’t know how to make a heart,” he said, giving a smile again. Not only Jennie’s comment but also the couple ring the two wore caught the eye

Meanwhile, Jenny recently attended the 76th Cannes Film Festival in France with the HBO drama “The Idol” team and stepped on the red carpet as an actor

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