Shocking transfer Busquets replacement to Saudi Arabia

Shocking transfer Busquets replacement to Saudi Arabia


MF sold for money in his heyday at 26

Saudi Oil Money Declares New Direction

Rumors of a shocking transfer broke out.

Huven Neves, who has played a role as a midfielder, ace, and captain of Wolverhampton in the English Premier League (EPL) since 2017, will head to Saudi Arabia. Hwang Hee-chan, a member of the Korean national team, is a well-known player among Korean soccer fans.

He is a midfielder that Spain’s famous Barcelona paid attention to. Especially after last season, Barcelona parted ways with legendary midfielder Sergio Busquets. Barcelona sought a replacement for Busquets, and Neves was the leading candidate. In fact, Barcelona moved to recruit Neves.

But the place he chose was Saudi Arabia, not Barcelona. Al Hilal is the same club that offered Lionel Messi an annual salary of 400 million euros (560 billion won).

Leading media such as Britain’s “BBC” and “The Times” said, “Neves will move to Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal.” Wolverhampton and Al Hilal have agreed to the transfer.

The transfer fee is 47 million pounds (77.1 billion won). Local media analyzed that Wolverhampton, which faced a financial crisis, could not reject Al Hilal’s proposal. It was also reported that Wolverhampton was happy with Neves’ high transfer fee.

It is shocking that a replacement for legendary midfielder Busquets is going to Saudi Arabia, but what is more shocking is that Neves is only “26 years old.” As a soccer player, I’m in the ‘ultimate stage’.

The fact that he chose Saudi Arabia, not Europe, at the peak age is expected to have a big impact. Criticism cannot be avoided that it has been sold for money rather than honor and growth.

And starting with Neves, it is more likely that Choi’s players will go to Saudi Arabia. It is the beginning of a new direction for Saudi Arabia’s oil money

So far, Saudi Arabia’s Oil Money has targeted players in their 30s who have come down from their heyday. Cristiano Ronaldo (Al-Nasr) did the same, and Karim Benzema (Al-Ittihad) did the same. N’Golo Kante, who is likely to transfer to Al-Ittihad, is also in his 30s. Lionel Messi, who was strongly tempted, Luca Modric, and Eden Hazard, who are tempted, are all players in their 30s or older. 카지노바카라

Neves’ trip to Saudi Arabia is a sign that Saudi Arabia will also reach out to the top players

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