The two players who compared Doncic and Wembanyama

The two players who compared Doncic and Wembanyama have something in common


Redic said of Wembanyama, the next draft pick.

Victor Wembanyama (224cm, F-C) is selected as a strong No. 1 player in the upcoming 2023-2024 NBA Rookie Draft. Even though he is tall, he is equipped with excellent mobility and guard-like skills. This is why he is called the greatest talent of all time.

In fact, Wembanyama stood out on the professional stage even at a young age. It’s not NBA, but he played in the French league and played very well. Wembanyama averaged 21.6 points, 10.4 rebounds, 2.4 assists, and three block shots in 34 games he played for Metropolitan 92. Although he lost to Monaco in the final and did not win the championship, he also became the team’s top scorer in the third round of the final.

And former NBA player JJ Reddick said about Wenbamyama. In an interview with Clutch Point, Redic said, “Many European players make their professional debuts in their teens, unlike us. However, they are not given much playing time. At the same time, there are cases where growth cannot be shown. But Wembanyama and Doncic were different,” he said, starting the interview.

“Wembanyama dominated the French league, one of the top five leagues in the world. This is similar to Doncic. Both players dominated the European stage and appeared in the NBA. This performance is never normal. “But the two players did it,” he said, referring to Wembanyama and Luka Doncic (201cm, G-F).

“Now Doncic is dominating the NBA even at a young age. Wembanyama would be similar. “I will need growth now, but I will become a player like Doncic over time,” he added.

Meanwhile, the San Antonio Spurs have the top spot in the upcoming rookie draft and are most likely to pick Wembanyama. Manager Greg Popovich, who leads San Antonio, has experience in raising David Robinson and Tim Duncan as the best players. Attention is focusing on whether Wembanyama will be able to grow into a player who will be recorded in NBA history like his seniors 안전놀이터

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