Kim Tae-hee vs Lim Ji-yeon a house with a yard

Kim Tae-hee vs Lim Ji-yeon a house with a yard caught a beauty battle and beautiful tension

Kim Tae-hee

A photo shoot of Kim Tae-hee and Lim Ji-yeon has been released.

Actors Kim Tae-hee and Lim Ji-yeon conducted an interview with fashion magazine “Elle” along with a photo shoot. This pictorial captures the mysterious and beautiful tension between the two against the backdrop of the mansion. Those who worked together with Genie TV’s original drama “House with a Garden” showed chemistry as excellent as acting breathing.

In a subsequent interview, Kim Tae-hee said about why she was attracted to “a house with a yard,” “I’m intuitive, so when I read the scenario, I feel ‘this is it,’ and this work was like that.” Regarding the role of Juran, who lived in a perfect house and was confused by the smell of corpses in the backyard, he also said, “She doesn’t trust herself. He constantly doubts whether what he believes is real or fake, but he is a person who can be met around him enough, so I acted so that viewers can fully sympathize with him,” he said, raising expectations

Lim Ji-yeon, who plays the role of Sang-eun, who dreams of escaping from the miserable reality, said, “I saw the original novel before choosing a work, and I thought I should do this woman.” He expressed his affection for the character, saying, “I really didn’t do anything, including makeup, because I wanted to meet Lim Ji-yeon, who is raw.” “It is said that if a person hits the floor, a real ironic face will come out.” It makes you feel unfriendly. He added, “I acted with the hope that there was a strong woman rather than looking pitiful.”

Genie TV’s original drama “House with a Garden” is a suspense thriller in which two women who lived completely different lives meet due to the suspicious smell of their backyard. Revealed on the 19th

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