IU’s criminal complaint in the first half of 2023 is disclosed

IU’s criminal complaint in the first half of 2023 is disclosed


IU shared the progress related to criminal charges.

EDAM Entertainment, the agency, shared on August 7 that it received the current progress of 2023 criminal charges related to IU (real name Lee Ji-eun) from Shinwon, a legal representative.

The investigator in charge is known to be having a hard time as the defendant refuses to proceed with the investigation until today, nearly three months after IU filed a complaint and received the case against A, who claimed to be a spy. In response, the legal representative is urging a quick investigation through the submission of additional data and the submission of opinion. ”

In addition, regarding the accusation of violating the copyright law, he strongly insisted that the case did not have a legal basis by submitting a lawyer’s opinion on May 15, and urged the case to be completed as soon as possible. Since then, on July 20 and 28, additional lawyers’ opinions were submitted, respectively, to further clarify that the accusation in this case was not legally based. “We are currently waiting for the disposition of the investigative agency,” he explained.

Regarding the spread of plagiarism rumors, he said, “Based on 1,700 data, the target of the complaint was first selected. “We filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul on March 20 after suing 58 finally selected defendants for defamation based on false facts,” he said. “Since the complaint was made against a number of defendants, we confirmed that we will file a warrant to secure personal information of the defendants.”

Regarding the malicious comments, IU also filed a complaint with the Seoul Bangbae Police Station on charges of insulting 61 people who posted insulting remarks toward artists and produced, posted, and distributed pornography. “We confirmed that we are currently applying for a warrant to secure personal information of the accused.”

The following is the full text of EDAM Entertainment’s official position

This is EDAM Entertainment.

We inform you of the progress of the 2023 criminal complaint (early quarters 1, 2, 3) filed against distributors such as malicious rumors and slander against our artist IU (IU, real name Lee Ji-eun, hereinafter referred to as an artist).

On the 2nd, he captured another “spy flyer” post on the online community and immediately recognized the defendant’s attitude without reflection and the seriousness of the case. We will tell you the progress of the case and reveal the status of criminal charges that many other people may be curious about.

Please understand that it is difficult to disclose details such as specific case numbers and specific nicknames in the contents below for cooperation in maintaining investigation confidentiality

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