Judan-gil in front of Eunjin becomes a golden road for lovers

Judan-gil in front of Eunjin becomes a golden road for lovers


It is the actor’s job to bring life to the character in the drama. As soon as the scene makes viewers admire, actors and dramas are also attracting attention.

These days, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Lover” (written by Hwang Jin-young and directed by Kim Sung-yong) is stirring up the small screen by presenting the rare scene. The acting of Namgung Min and Ahn Eun-jin, the male and female protagonists, is drawing viewers’ attention with their amazing suction power.

In particular, the public’s view toward Ahn Eun-jin has changed. If Nam Gung-min, who has won the terrestrial year-end acting award since a few years ago, could have expected him to play again this time, Ahn Eun-jin’s passionate performance, which has just emerged as a leading actor, is more than expected, which makes me wonder.

Ahn Eun-jin, who previously made a deep impression as “Mr. Choo Min-ha” of “Hospital Playlist,” quickly became a leading actor and drew attention in the first half of this year due to the success of “Bad Mom.” Through these dramas, Ahn Eun-jin made her trademark with an innocent smile and a sound tone

Ahn Eun-jin completely captivated the hearts of fans with her extraordinary presence in “Lover.” There is no talent that viewers will not fall in love with as they breathe life into the character with their outstanding acting skills that add depth as the episode continues.

At the beginning of the play, Ahn Eun-jin raised questions about the character by wearing a bright hanbok that suits her fair skin and soft eyes, and when the incident unfolded in earnest, she made a surprising twist that shone more attractively with clothes, face, and dirt. Ahn Eun-jin’s energy, which vividly plays the strong viability of the heroine overcoming the crisis, vividly touched viewers’ hearts.

Yoo Gil-chae, portrayed by Ahn Eun-jin, was an immature Yangban’s baby who was interested in stealing men’s hearts in peaceful Neunggun-ri, but she grew into a stronger and stronger woman than anyone else during the Manchu War. In her leisurely days, when she was swinging with joy, she was a girl who only spoke like a Buddhist monk, but in reality, she didn’t know the world. Gilchae’s recklessness was expressed with his quickness and determination to save him from the war. He did not hesitate to use his wit on the evacuation path to beat the orangcat and to get blood on his hands to save his friend. Ahn Eun-jin portrayed Gil-chae’s subtle internal growth with her fine and strong features at the same time.

Recently, the level of immersion has increased by showing a growing heart for Lee Jang-hyun (Namgung Min). In particular, an innocent girl, who believed that a man in a dream he often dreamed of would become his hero since childhood, slowly became a mature woman and learned where her heart was actually headed, received enthusiastic support from viewers. For fans, Ahn Eun-jin was a growing road.

Before the war, Gilchae admired Nam Yeon-jun (Lee Hak-ju), who was the symbol of a straight scholar, and despised Jang-hyun, who was the opposite of the Fed, but he realized that Jang-hyun had settled in his mind after several hardships. He was caring about him, who pushed Jang-hyun away, quarreled, and took care of him more carelessly than anyone else, raising his affection.

Gilchae’s heart is like this, and Janghyeon’s relics, who left for Shenyang in the Qing Dynasty, returned, so he was devastated. In addition, the face of Nanggun in the dream, which had not been confirmed so far, turned out to be Jang Hyun. Gilchae sobbed, “Jang Hyun, come back,” and even broke the hearts of fans. The voice of Ahn Eun-jin, who was crying with Gilchae’s heart, was deeply embedded in the fans’ minds. Ahn Eun-jin’s desperate performance brought “Lover” to the climax.

As such, Ahn Eun-jin proved her skills by acting from a girl who is like a cheerful cartoon character to a sad woman who is like a heroine of misfortune in a epic novel. It has definitely established itself as a “big actor” through “lover,” which has become a trend in the small screen as its ratings have settled in double digits. I think it’s the “legendary Han Ye-jong’s freshman class,” which is stirring the entertainment industry these days.

In addition, amid growing interest and affection for Ahn Eun-jin, “Lover,” which has decided to air a total of 20 episodes on a part-time basis, is now in the final week of Part 1, raising questions. Attention is drawn to what Ahn Eun-jin’s remaining performance will be in “Lover,” which concludes Part 1.

Of course, expectations for Part 2 are growing. Ahn Eun-jin, who breathed breath into Gilchae, energized “lover,” and showed endless potential, is expected to explode her potential in Part 2. Expectations for Ahn Eun-jin have risen to the fullest. The fans’ view of Ahn Eun-jin is completely different from before they saw “Lovers.”

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