Park Jung-min a new parasite writer starring Zombie Influenza

Park Jung-min a new parasite writer starring Zombie Influenza

Park Jung-min

Actor Park Jung-min and group BLACKPINK’s Ji-Soo will become a “military boots and rubber shoes” couple.

According to broadcasters, Park Jung-min and Ji-soo were cast as the main characters in Coupang Play’s new series “Influenza” (written by Han Ji-won, Ji Ho-jin, directed by Yoon Sung-hyun).

“Influenza” is a drama set in a high-rise air defense unit in Seoul that depicts the process of soldier Jae-yoon and his girlfriend Young-ju, who was just notified of their separation, running toward each other while struggling with a group of zombies. It is based on the novel of the same name by Han Sang-woon.

It is expected that a new K-zombie will be created that combines the unexpected comedy of “Parasite” Han Jin-won, director Yoon Sung-hyun’s detailed directing of anxious young people in “Spectator” and “Time of Hunting,” and Ji Ho-jin’s lively action scene.

Park Jung-min plays Jae-yoon, who joined the military at the late age of 26 while seeking alternative service by getting a job at a defense company. He is obsessed with his girlfriend due to anxiety about the future, and eventually breaks up, and faces a world that has been turned upside down by a group of zombies. Weak and confident, he gradually begins to play as the leader of the squad as he struggles with zombie appearances 광주호스트바

Ji-Soo plays Young-Joo, a newbie in society, and is notified of her breakup after struggling because of Jae-Yoon, who doesn’t understand her feelings. He goes out to meet his boyfriend and sees a zombie raging, and gradually changes into a tough one in the fight for survival

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