Roseman renews his contract with YG Will BLACKPINK remain

Roseman renews his contract with YG Will BLACKPINK remain as a whole


Black Pink, which celebrates its seventh anniversary this year, has emerged as a keen interest in the music industry whether it will be able to renew its contract with its current agency YG Entertainment and remain complete.

On the 21st, a media outlet quoted an official in the music industry as saying that Black Pink Rosé agreed to renew the contract with YG, but the remaining three members, Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa, are discussing a “separate and together” strategy to move their agencies but do Black Pink activities for six months out of the year. Among the members, Ji-soo, a member who is certain to turn into an actor, and Lisa, a Thai member who enjoys high popularity abroad, are moving with tens of billions of dollars in down payments.

Regarding the rumor that BLACKPINK failed to renew the contract as a whole, YG said, “The renewal of BLACKPINK’s contract has not been confirmed yet, and we are in discussions.”

Black Pink, which made its splendid debut on August 8, 2016, celebrated its seventh anniversary this year, drawing keen attention from many regarding the members’ renewal from the beginning of the year. Now, as Black Pink is the “world’s best girl group” beyond K-pop, music fans around the world have no choice but to pay attention to whether they will continue to accompany YG beyond “My 7 Years.”

As much as the high degree of interest, various theories poured in. In particular, rumors spread that Lisa was offered more than tens of billions of won from abroad, along with rumors that her contract renewal was unclear, drawing attention to the authenticity. At this time, YG repeated its position, saying, “Re-signing with the members is currently under discussion.

Black Pink successfully completed the “Black Pink World Tour [Bon Pink] Final in Seoul” at Gocheok Sky Dome in Gocheok-dong, Seoul, on September 16 and 17. At the concert, which drew more attention due to the renewal issue, the members said, “The tour is now the last, but I am happy that BLINK (fandom name) and BLACKPINK are forever one.” “I will continue to be a wonderful Black Pink,” he said, raising expectations 대구호빠

Attention is focusing on whether BLACKPINK will choose to accompany YG and what kind of second act it will open after successfully completing its world tour that has lasted for about a year

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