SUGA will serve hard today (22nd)

SUGA will serve hard today (22nd)


Suga of the group BTS (BTS) will fulfill his mandatory military service from the 22nd.

In the early morning of the 22nd, Suga said his last greetings to the fandom Army through the fan platform application Weverse.

After receiving basic military training for a certain period of time, Suga will serve in the alternative military as a social service worker. He was diagnosed with a dislocated humerus in his shoulder the following year after a car accident in 2012. He appears to have been judged as a social service worker, but the exact reason is not known.

Suga said, “Hello, I’m Suga. I’m here to say hello,” he said. “Thanks to ARMY, I came here safely. And it’s about time. I will sincerely finish my service well,” he said calmly.

Meanwhile, BTS’s agency Big Hit Music announced on the 21st that it has completed the board’s resolution to renew the contract for the seven BTS members’ exclusive contracts. In response, member RM posted a contract directly on his social network service (SNS), expressing his clear willingness to renew his contract. Suga also said, “Be careful of the cold fall season. Let’s stay healthy and see each other in 2025,” he said, promising full BTS activities.

Hello, I’m Suga.

I’m here to say hello!

Thanks to ARMY, we came here safely.

And it’s about time.

I’ll be back after finishing my service with sincerity.

Be careful of the cold autumn change of seasons.

Stay healthy and see you all in 2025! ARMY!!!! Thank you always and I love you.

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