Jordan Phil’s “Candy Man” is No. 1 hit in the U.S.

Jordan Phil’s “Candy Man” is No. 1 hit in the U.S., “Goosebumps and shocking.”

Candy Man

The movie “Candy Man” (import distribution: Universal Pictures), which is set to be released on September 22, topped the box office with the release of North America, heralding the start of a successful Jordan Phil Universe myth.

The movie “Candy Man,” which is drawing attention for its interesting urban ghost story material and cool and sophisticated mystery horror, topped the North American box office upon its release. “Candy Man” is a co-written work by Jordan Phil, a mystery horror surrounding “Candy Man,” an unknown being that appears when you look in the mirror and call his name five times.

According to the box office imitation, “Candy Man” topped the North American box office on August 27 (local time). Jordan Phil’s “Get Out” (2017) hit an opening score of $33,377,060 at the time of its North American release, but was praised for its shocking reversal and high completeness, surpassing $1.054,915 in its first-day box office earnings of $1.15 on Saturday. “Us” (2019) also recorded an opening score of $7,117,625 and showed a steady long-term success thanks to word of mouth from global audiences.

As such works containing Jordan Phil Universe have been successful in North America through outstanding workmanship and word of mouth, “Candy Man,” which has already received explosive praise and favorable reviews from North American media and viewers, is also expected to continue the success of Jordan Phil Universe.

“Candy Man” is a film that brings fresh mystery horror to life with sophisticated directing by Jordan Phil Universe and Nia Dakota, with leading foreign media pouring out creepy and shocking films comparable to “Get Out” Jordan Phil Universe, “Jordan Phil” ( and “The Washington Post”.

It is also expected that the movie “Tribune News Service” and “USA Today” and “Arizona Republic” have successfully captured both genre-fun and social messages. “Candy Man,” which hit North American theaters first, is expected to create a surprising box office sensation in September as an interesting ghost story of “Candy Man,” an unknown being who appears five times when he calls his name in the mirror, is drawing keen attention.

Meanwhile, the most anticipated mystery horror of the fall, “Candy Man,” with a new meeting between “Get Out” Us director Jordan Peel and Nia Dakota.

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