Lee Si-young climbs to the top of Mountain with her son on her back.

Lee Si-young climbs to the top of Cheonggye Mountain with her 15kg son on her back.

Lee Si-young

Actress Lee Si-young reported on her daily life.

On the afternoon of the 29th, Lee Si-young said on her Instagram, “Finally! I wanted to do it one day, but I couldn’t postpone it because of Jeong-yoon’s weight. It wasn’t easy to go to Cheonggye Mountain, but when I went, she really liked it, so I wanted to go to other mountains.” I was supposed to go to Bukhansan Mountain with Jung Yoon on my bucket list, but I’m worried it might be dangerous.I think it’ll be okay. Has anyone been there? Please give me some advice…”

“My carrier has a maximum load of 20 kilograms.The suitcase is 3kg. Jung Yoon is 15kg. Total is 18kg.So I didn’t put anything in my hiking carrier.It was worth going to Cheonggyesan. Bukhansan Mountain is the shortest course, Baekwoondae Course.It is about two kilometers longer than Cheonggyesan Mountain,” he said and posted several photos of how he has been doing.

In the photo released, Lee Si-young poses while looking at the camera at the top of Cheonggyesan Mountain with her son in her carrier. Lee Si-young’s amazing power creates admiration.

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