T-ara Hyomin gets vaccinated and exercises.

T-ara Hyomin gets vaccinated and exercises.


Group T-ara Hyo-min told the daily life of exercising.

Hyo-min posted a photo on her Instagram on the 29th with the words “Leading a guilty ship with friends yesterday.”

Hyo-min, who visited the gym, shared her daily life by taking a mirror selfie. He made friends by attaching otters, sloths, snails, and turtle stickers to the gym where he was alone. In the video released together, Hyo-min wiped the mirror and added, “Let’s wipe the mirror on our own.” Hyomin, who was taking selfies for a long time, said, “But exercise…?” he added.

Ham Eun-jung said, “You’re vaccinated, right? “It’s amazing,” he said, respecting Hyo-min. Netizens are happy to see T-ara’s still friendship.

Meanwhile, Hyomin appeared on the Lifetime channel ‘Beauty Time’.

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