Who is the No.1 star married to a rich Korean? Park Ji-yoon

Who is the No.1 star married to a rich Korean? Park Ji-yoon

Park Ji-yoon

Singer and actor Park Ji-yoon topped the list of stars married to a rich man.

On KBS 2TV’s “The Woman Running the Chart,” which aired on the afternoon of the 27th, the ranking of stars who married a rich man was revealed. Park Ji-yoon, who is married to Cho Soo-yong, co-CEO of Kakao, took first place.

In the past, Park Ji-yoon chose “a man with a good conversation and a good cultural code” as his ideal type in a broadcast. Park Ji-yoon drew attention by delivering a surprise marriage news to Cho Soo-yong in 2019. Earlier this year, he announced the birth of his daughter after two years of marriage.

The two became a podcast host and cast, and had a private wedding two years later. CEO Cho Soo-yong was appointed as the co-chairman of Kakao last year from vice president. In Kakao, CEO Cho Soo-yong’s salary and bonuses received in the first half of this year amount to about 4.3 billion won.

Former announcer Roh Hyun-jung, who married Hyundai’s CEO Chung Dae-sun, came in second. Singer and actress Lee Hye-young came in third. Lee Hye-young’s husband is a former economics major at a prestigious university in the U.S. and serves as a founding member and CEO of a leading private equity fund in Korea. The private equity fund’s operating assets alone are known to be worth 27 trillion won.

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