Lee Min-ho is “No Love with Yeon-woo”

Lee Min-ho is “No Love with Yeon-woo”

Lee Min-ho

Actor Lee Min ho and actor Yeon-woo from MOMOLAND are rumored to be dating.

On the 30th, an official from MYM Entertainment, Lee Min-ho’s agency, denied it in the E-Daily, saying, “The two are only acquainted, but they are not dating.”

Earlier, Dispatch reported that Lee Min ho and Yeon-woo have been dating for five months. The media added that the two went on a drive after watching a late-night movie and had a house date as social distancing continued.

However, the agency denied the allegation, saying it was “not true.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho recently finished filming the Apple TV drama “Pachinko,” and Yeon-woo is set to air KBS2’s “Daliwa Gamjatang.”

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