BTS V, Indonesian TV Show “Sculptive beauty + Sense & humor”

BTS V, Indonesian TV Show “Sculptive beauty + Sense & humor”


BTS V has captivated global fans with his sensibility and humor, in addition to his sculpture-like beauty.

On the 24th and 25th, BTS appeared on a TV show to mark the 12th anniversary of the foundation of Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest commercial company, which is working as a model, and showed various charms.

V, who changed his hair style with his perfect features and lovely hair style, fascinated fans around the world by showing off his unexpected charm.

In the last broadcast’s “Balloon Dart Game,” V hit a balloon at once with a dart pin thrown from the back and received enthusiastic cheers.

The new “Yes or No” game was a way to first select Yes or No and then reveal the questions written by one member. It was a game that no one knew whether Yes or No would be good.

V chose “No” for “I want to continue to be a model for Tokopedia for a long time.” Later, after checking the problem, he said, “I wanted to make a heart (not Yes or No)” and smiled at the viewers.

To V, who is writing down the last question, MC Park Kyung-rim and the members expressed expectations for V’s creative problem, saying, “You look like a painter,” “You look like Uncle Bob,” and “I don’t know what V’s problem is.”

V said, “You can’t do a dance battle in the middle, can you?” “If you don’t have one, please say yes.” He wrote the witty question, “If you don’t have one,” and led the friendly atmosphere by making the members who chose “No” dance.

Finally, to celebrate the 12th anniversary of Tokopedia’s foundation, he sang “Happy Birthday Song” and wrapped up the broadcast with an ad-making video. Unlike V’s cheerful and lovely appearance on TV shows, his deadly eyes and colorful poses caught the eye.

V is usually called a “photoshoot master” and a “photoshoot genius,” and he is appealing his unique charm by adding constant efforts to perfect beauty, physical and natural sense.

Fans say, “You look like a cold statue, but you look like a cotton candy that melts away.” “Look at how Taehyung acts to the fingertips.” Your eyes and atmosphere change in every cut. It’s amazing.” “Taehyung is really special.” “You asked questions in a way that no one had ever thought of,” he said.

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