Sunmi, Espa Carina, All Black Lace Fashion

Sunmi, Espa Carina, All Black Lace Fashion…Same clothes different feeling


Singer Sunmi and Espa’s Carina drew attention with the same clothes and different feelings. Both dresses and cardigans worn by the two are from luxury brand B.

Sunmi posted two photos on her Instagram on the 31st, saying, “Will it be over 180 today?” In the photo released, Sun mi is wearing a giffur-based lace cardigan and dress that highlights the logo play of a luxury brand. Bragging about his volume with a square neckline, he created a sexy atmosphere with his cardigan sleeves and fleshy bottoms of the dress. In particular, Sunmi’s height was more than 180 centimeters with high heel boots and a photo composition that seemed to be taken from below, drawing attention.

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