Pearl Abyss enters pre-season 2 of the Black Desert.

Pearl Abyss enters pre-season 2 of the Black Desert.

Black Desert

Pearl Abyss (CEO Chung Kyung-in) announced on the 1st that it has begun the second pre-season of “The Battle of Occupation,” a guild-level content of “Black Desert.”

‘Occupation War’ is a large-scale PvP content that competes to occupy the territory over trophies on a guild basis. As a large-scale battlefield where hundreds of people can participate at the same time, various siege weapons specialized in occupational warfare such as Shin-Gijeon, Flame Tea, and Gongseong Tower can also be used.

Pearl Abyss explained, “There are many users who enjoy ‘Occupation War’ with pre-season real-time broadcasting and editing videos conducted through the official YouTube of the Black Desert.”

The second “pre-season of occupation” runs for four weeks. Reflecting the opinions of users of “preseason” that were conducted earlier, the concept of liberation of the territory was reorganized into a win-win system. The remaining durability of the command center and field command by guild, the remaining annexes, the total number of kills, and the number of deaths are added together to determine the ranking. The first-place guild took over the castle and expanded its compensation. Participating guilds can receive gold bars from glorious battlefields, powder from ancient spirits, cronstones, and brilliant medals of honor.

It has been updated to improve convenience of barter, which is one of the ocean contents. By applying the filter function to the “barter information window,” users can check the trade information in detail.

In the fall, we will hold a “Cheon-gobbi event.” Users can obtain an additional 50% of training experience and ride experience by September 15. It is possible to obtain more “flower of delusion” that can be received when delivering trained words to the royal family than before.

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