A year after starting basketball, there’s a player

A year after starting basketball, there’s a player like this who’s been growing.


A promising center player has appeared in elite basketball for the first time in a while. The main character is Lee Dong-geun (200cm, C) of Dong-A High School.

Dong-A High School won the 76th National Basketball Championship at Gimcheon Gymnasium in Gyeongsangbuk-do by 87-86 points in the second preliminary match against Anyang High School in Group E.

It was a game of reversal and reversal. A spectacular game was played to the point where one might think it was an NBA final match.

In the beginning, Anyang High School was dominant. Kim Tae-hyung (181cm, G), Song Jung-woo (192cm, F), and Jung Hyun-suk (186cm, G, F) scored double-digit points side by side, finishing the first half with a 44-40 lead. However, the lead of Anyang High School did not last long. With the start of the third quarter, Dong-A High School’s fierce pursuit took place in earnest. Starting with Lee Han-hee (179cm, G, F), Kim Yun-ho (185cm, G, F) and Ha Joo-hyung (184cm, G, F) of Dong-A High School overturned the game by scoring three points in a row.

The game didn’t change until the ending buzzer rang. Dong-A High School and Anyang High School have repeatedly reversed themselves. The game was not decided until the end of the game. In the last attack, which started with 9.7 seconds left behind by 85-86, Dong-A High School reversed the game (87-86) with Yoon Sung-hwan’s shot under the goal, and the game ended as it was.

Dong-A High School, which had been dragged narrowly in the beginning, completed a one-point victory with four players, Yoon Sung-hwan (193cm, F, C), Ha Joo-hyung (184cm, G, F), and Lee Dong-geun, who scored in double digits. Among them, Lee Dong-geun, who was responsible for the bottom of the goal, showed outstanding performances in various fields such as scoring, rebounding, and assist.

In the game, Lee Dong-geun literally attacked the court with 20 points, 27 rebounds, 11 assists, 5 steals, and 3 blocks. Of the 47 rebounds recorded by the team, he was responsible for more than half of them alone, making the bottom of the goal his solo stage. In addition, he tapped under the opponent’s goal using his tall height, and the pass to his teammates was impressive. He also played a great role as a rim protector in defense.

Lee Dong-geun has only been playing basketball for a year. He was only a 3-3 basketball player and did not play elite basketball until he entered high school. In 2019, when he was on the 3×3 stage with Kepheus, he officially caught the basketball after Lee Sang-guk’s eyes.

This year, he played three games in the league and five games as president of the league. It is quite unusual for a player who has only been playing basketball for a year to set such a record in an official competition. Lee Dong-geun’s growth is very fast.

Lee Dong-geun, who met after the game, said, “I’m glad I won the game that I really want to win. In order to advance to the finals, I had to beat Anyang High School. “In fact, I was worried because Anyang High School is a pretty strong team, but I am happy to win as a result.”

He was unaware of the triple-double until the end of the game. When the reporter informed him that he had achieved the record, he could not hide his joy with a look of surprise.

“I’ve never achieved a record like this before, and I’m very new and happy,” he said.

I asked him about his thoughts on achieving triple double. Lee Dong-geun said, “In the assist part, I think my colleagues raised the chance I connected well. Rebound seems to have done well in the game with the intention of doing something bad first. “I think I was able to do it because I got a chance that was easy to score.”

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