♡…BTS Jin “Happy birthday, Jungkook”

♡…BTS Jin “Happy birthday, Jungkook” From the handsome oldest to the handsome youngest


BTS’s oldest brother, Jin, celebrated Jungkook’s birthday with a nice photo.

Jin posted a photo taken with Jungkook on the fan community Weverse in the early morning of September 1, his birthday.

In the picture, Jin and Jung-guk are setting the mood on a rock by the sea.

Jin seemed to be trying to celebrate after Jungkook’s V LIVE broadcast, saying, “Jungkook, I know you’re on V LIVE, but you haven’t finished it for a long time, so I just put it up and go to sleep. “Happy birthday,” he said casually and chicly, celebrating Jungkook’s birthday.

Meanwhile, fans around the world are celebrating Jungkook’s birthday with Twitter’s real-time trend. Jungkook’s fans reflected on the meaning of his birthday by practicing good influence with donations and sharing.

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