Why I take aspirin painkillers more often than Tylenol?

Why I take aspirin painkillers more often than Tylenol?

I always buy painkillers as a standing medicine, and I usually buy Tylenol.

But from some point on, I prefer to have aspirin.

I recently saw Hong Hye-gul’s YouTube video, which tells me the various effects of aspirin.

The efficacy mentioned in the video included a decrease in colorectal cancer incidence and improvements in several vascular diseases due to inhibition of blood clotting.

And above all, it was an insensitive painkiller.

Although there are some side effects, it was argued that it would be fine enough to be taken under a doctor’s prescription.

So I asked the doctor.

If you’re as heavy as I am and you’re worried about your blood pressure, you can eat it.

I was told to consider it and eat it because the pain isn’t very effective.

So I just went to the pharmacy and bought a Bayer aspirin painkiller and used it as a standing medicine.

Fortunately, I don’t have much pain from my straight neck yet, so I rarely get a headache even if I eat this.

Instead, they do not eat or abuse on an empty stomach because they can cause gastrointestinal problems.

Bayer Aspirin painkillers are fairly affordable and not too burdensome.

It’s about 3,000 won for 20 pills, so it’s not that burdensome. It was suspended in Korea until recently.

I could only buy it directly, but now I can just buy it.

If you are simply concerned about vascular disease, you can buy one that comes in lower doses at the pharmacy.

It’s said to have little pain, and you have to be careful about taking aspirin and other drugs together.

If you have a headache often, it would be better to buy aspirin that came for painkillers rather than low doses.

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