“Galaxy Note” was discontinued. “Galaxy S22” was released early?…

“Galaxy Note” was discontinued. “Galaxy S22” was released early?… Samsung’s changed strategy.

Galaxy S22
There is a wind of change in Samsung Electronics’ smartphone launch strategy.

Amid the possibility of discontinuation of Samsung Electronics’ “Galaxy Note” series, rumors are being raised inside and outside the industry that the flagship lineup of “Galaxy S22” series will be released early. Until now, Samsung Electronics has released the Galaxy S series from February to March and the Galaxy Note series from August to September as a representative model for the first and second half of the year, but it seems to break the practice by adjusting its release schedule recently.

According to the industry on the 9th, the famous IT tipster Ice Universe posted an image of Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Series trademark page on its Twitter account.

The image of the trademark page, which is known to have been updated on the 31st of last month, lists Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy smartphone lineup. In particular, it is noteworthy that the Galaxy Note series is not visible.

The trademark for the Galaxy S series, the △ flagship lineup “Galaxy S” △ foldable lineup “Galaxy Z” △ the popular lineup “Galaxy M” △ the mid-range lineup, has been renewed, but the note lineup has been completely omitted. In other words, rumors of discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series have become a fait accompli.

Earlier, another IT tipster, Front Tron, also hinted at the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note series on his Twitter late last month, saying, “I’m sorry for the Note fan, but the Note is dead.” He added, “Instead, Samsung is calling ‘Galaxy Z Fold 3’ ‘Note Z’.”

Expectations that the Galaxy Z series will be able to successfully replace the vacancy of the Galaxy Note series are also supporting the discontinuation of the Note series.

The Galaxy Z series, which was released last month, surpassed 920,000 reservations in seven days of pre-booking. This is about 1.3 times higher than the pre-booking volume of Galaxy Note 20. Compared to the Galaxy S21 series, it is 1.8 times more. In addition, 270,000 units were opened in one day in the opening of the pre-booking event on the 24th of last month. This is the highest among Samsung Electronics’ first-day openings in Korea.

An industry official said, “It is predicted that Samsung Electronics may release the ‘Galaxy S’ series at the beginning of every year and the ‘Galaxy Z’ series at the second half of every year. However, it is known that Samsung Electronics is taking a cautious approach to the discontinuation of ‘Galaxy Note’ due to the thick fan base of ‘Galaxy Note’ and differences in characteristics.”

Earlier, Samsung Electronics President Ko Dong-jin also said at a shareholders’ meeting of Samsung Electronics in March, “It may be difficult to release the Galaxy Note this year,” adding, “We are trying to continue our notes next year, and we will try not to betray the hearts of Note customers.”

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics’ partners are planning to start producing parts for the Galaxy S22 series as early as November. SamMobile, an IT media outlet, also said Samsung Electronics may release the Galaxy S22 series within this year.

Samsung Electronics has been releasing a new Galaxy S series before March over the past few years. Then, last year, the release of the Galaxy S20 series was slightly earlier than February 11, and this year, the Galaxy S21 series was released to the market on January 14, a month earlier than this.

Rumors are circulating that the S22 series will start mass production in November, SamMobile said. “If this happens, Samsung Electronics’ announcement of S22 should be sometime in December.”

The “Galaxy S22” series is expected to be released as a △6.06-inch “Galaxy S22” △ 6.55-inch “Galaxy S22 Plus” △ 6.81-inch “Galaxy S22 Ultra” model, which is slightly smaller than the previous one.

The UPC (Underpanel Camera) display, which is first applied to the Galaxy Z Fold 3, is expected to be excluded from the Galaxy S22 series. Analysts say that the technical completeness is not high, such as looking like an insect screen due to the reduced pixel density. For this reason, Samsung is reportedly considering delaying UDC installation in its next work.파워볼사이트

Another industry official said, “Foldable phones are breaking sales records, but they are not as good as sales in the existing lineup. For this reason, there is a possibility that the Galaxy S22 will be released early to check new iPhone products, he said. “Samsung Electronics is making various attempts to take the throne of smartphones.”

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