BTS, Oricon’s “Total Album Ranking” 1 million points.

BTS, Oricon’s “Total Album Ranking” 1 million points.


Group BTS is the first overseas artist to achieve 1 million points in accumulated points by adding up real album, digital download, and streaming sales in Oricon, Japan.

According to the latest Oricon chart released on the 9th (September 13th / August 30th to September 5th), BTS’s best album “BTS, THE BEST,” released in June, ranked eighth in the weekly combined album ranking with 6,909 points. “Total Album Ranking” is a chart that ranks CD sales, digital downloads, and streaming numbers.

With the addition of 6,909 points per week, the cumulative sales point of “BTS, THE BEST” reached 1 million,323, which is the first record this year and the first record as an overseas artist, according to Oricon.

Prior to this, BTS set a new record for the highest sales (782,000 copies) in the first week of this year based on Oricon’s Weekly Album Ranking with “BTS, THE BEST,” and the album’s sales are 957,000 so far, set to surpass 1 million copies.토토사이트

BTS, THE BEST, an album that covers BTS’s single and album tracks in Japan for four years since 2017, includes “Film out” of the ballad genre, “Dynamite” released in August last year, Japanese original songs “Your Eyes,” “Crystal Snow,” “Blood Sweat Tears,” and “Fake Love,” and “IDOLROVE.”

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