Chinese market…Apple lowered the price of iPhone13 in China.

Let’s grab the Chinese market…Apple lowered the price of iPhone13 in China.


Chinese media reported that Apple will lower the price of its new smartphone “iPhone13” series targeting the Chinese market.

According to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong, 16th new iPhone is the iPhone in China 13 mini 5999 yuan from the 13. iPhone, rounded out the 5199 The iPhone 13 Pro costs 7999 yuan.

This is 300 to 800 yuan cheaper than last year’s iPhone 12 series.

Initially, the industry predicted that Apple would raise the price of new iPhone models. This is because Apple has steadily increased the price of new iPhone models, and Taiwan’s TSMC, the world’s largest foundry (semiconductor consignment production), has recently raised the price of semiconductors.

This price cut for new smartphones is also interpreted as a strategy to expand its market share in Chinese smartphones.

China is an important market that accounts for about a fifth of global iPhone sales. The iPhone price cut is expected to expand Apple’s market share in China. Chinese consumers are receiving favorable reviews for the price cut of the iPhone 13.파워볼사이트

Apple seems to expect the iPhone 13 to also hit a similar level to its predecessor. In fact, Apple has set the initial volume at around 100 million units, up 30 percent from its predecessor.

Counterpoint Research analyst Lee Ban-ram said Apple has changed its price strategy as it has focused on increasing sales since late last year. As 5G smartphones become the standard, Apple needs to implement aggressive pricing policies to occupy the 5G smartphone market, he explained.

Unlike China, iPhone 13 sellers in the U.S. market are the same level as their predecessor. The iPhone 13 mini remained unchanged at $700. The price of the iPhone 13 series in Korea is also the same as that of the previous iPhone 12.

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