Cho Hyun, number one glamorous idol singer…iness.

Cho Hyun, number one glamorous idol singer…Wearing see-through clothes and exploding with sexiness.

Cho Hyun,

Cho Hyun, a member of the group Berry Good, is a hot topic for showing off his glamorous body in a see-through.

On the 4th, ChoHyun released two authentication photos containing her recent status through her Instagram story.

In the released photo, ChoHyun is taking a proof shot while riding a cart at a golf course. In particular, ChoHyun showed off his perfect glamorous body in a black see-through top reflecting underwear, making fans admire it.안전공원

Meanwhile, Berry Good, the group to which ChoHyun belongs, disbanded on May 13. ChoHyun recently appeared in the web drama “School Gidam-Not Coming Child” and the movie “Hypnosis,” and is currently appearing on Mobist’s official YouTube channel “Movy’s Marble.

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