Hani, dress up hip and practice dancing…

Hani, dress up hip and practice dancing…


Hani started practicing dancing.

Ha-ni, a former member of the group EXID, said on her Instagram on the 29th, “This is the first time I’ve ever had such a hard time… Save me… (This isn’t about the last video.Along with this article, several photos and videos were posted.

The released photo shows Hani visiting the dance studio. Ha-ni is wearing a training suit and creating a hip atmosphere.파워볼게임

Hani in the video showed off her wackiness by slightly showing the dance of “Hey Mama,” which became a hot topic on Mnet’s entertainment program “Street Woman Fighter.”

Meanwhile, Ha ni recently appeared in the original drama U-Rise Me Up, which was released through Wave. “Uraise Me Up” is a sexy and lively comedy in which Yong-sik in his 30s, who bowed his head, reunites his first love Luda as a urologist, and stands as the main character of his life after many twists and turns.

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