Controversy over disrespect during sperm hospital treatment

Controversy over disrespect during sperm hospital treatment Revealing the underlying words Youngchul, I knew it in advance.


NQQ SBS Plus’ “I Am SOLO” has been at the center of controversy as much as any other soap opera as it has repeatedly turned around.

Young-chul (pseudonym), the 4th cast member of “I’m SOLO,” was recently criticized for showing violent words and actions and attitudes to the opposing female Jeong-ja (pseudonym) after the broadcast.

At the time of the broadcast, Young-chul introduced himself as a freelance bodyguard after working in the military, including the 707 counter-terrorism special mission, as the only 40s among the cast members, and now he is managing real estate. He also showed off his wealth that he has 300 pyeong of land in Gangwon-do and 700 pyeong in Sejong-si in two houses. The pavilion, born in 1994, is known as a dental hygienist for six years.

The problem was Youngchul’s coercive words and actions and attitudes toward the pavilion during the broadcast. Young-chul made rude remarks to the pavilion, such as “Until when will you measure it like this?” and “The answer is not good.” Regarding the date with the pavilion, he also said, “(I think it would have been better to eat jajangmyeon alone),” and after the interview with the production team, the pavilion even showed tears.

As a result, viewers criticized Young-chul. Just in time, Jeongja added fuel to public opinion by posting on her SNS.

He said, “I endured it because I didn’t want to be the same person, but now it’s too hard to hold out. “I have to say it without holding back anymore, so I bravely upload it,” he said adding, “I knew a lot would be edited, so at the time of filming, I tried my best to smile and I tried my best, but it was hard to control the emotions that were collapsing until the last minute. 비아그라판매

Jeongja then said, “I am currently looking for a way to respond to the situation I am in, and I am steadily attending clinics and university hospitals and conducting counseling and drug treatment at the same time.” However, taking medicine has a great impact on working hours, so I’m ashamed of the six years I’ve accumulated in my current work life. “I’m in such a difficult situation that I have bad thoughts since filming. There are various people in the world, and I’ve tried to understand and erase them, but it’s not easy for me to forget my understanding yet, he said. In particular, criticism against Young-chul began to pour out when he said, “I am going to the hospital and taking medication.”

But not long after, there was a twist. This is because it has been revealed through Jeongja’s blog that he frequently uses male disparages frequently used by so-called “femis.” In the article, Jeongja actively used terms used by women to disparage men, such as “Woong Ang,” “Hannam Dog,” “Sungjaegi,” and “Herber Hubber.”

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