Plagiarism Hong Jin Young and Hong Sun Young

Plagiarism Hong Jin Young and Hong Sun Young are kicked out of the entertainment industry.


N years ago, on December 23rd, what happened to the talkative and troublesome entertainment industry? Hong Jin-young, whose thesis plagiarism was recognized, was canceled and virtually expelled from the entertainment industry. Chefs Lee Chan-oh and Kim Sae-rom submitted divorce documents and split from the couple to the south.

▲ Hong Jin Young cancels his degree…Actually, I was kicked out of the entertainment industry (December 23, 2020).

Hong Jin-young’s degree, which admitted plagiarism of the thesis, was canceled. Chosun University said, “We are in the process of canceling Hong Jin-young’s thesis as plagiarism.” Earlier, Hong Jin-young’s master’s thesis on the trend of the cultural content industry through the Korean Wave was embroiled in controversy, recording a plagiarism rate of 74% as a result of the plagiarism review site Copykiller. Hong Jin-young, who initially denied plagiarism, said, “The moment I admitted it as plagiarism, I was so scared that I would never be able to go on stage again. “Maybe I was just trying to get out of it,” he said, admitting plagiarism.

Hong Jin-young said, “I’ve been loved more than I have. In the future, I will take time to quietly look back on me, do meaningful and good things, and pay back the love I received, he apologized. Due to this controversy, Hong Jin-young dropped out of all the programs she was appearing on, and her older sister Hong Sun-young also disappeared from the broadcast.

Since then, Hong Jin-young has donated 30 million won to overcome COVID-19, but public opinion has still been cold. He also reported his updates through SNS, but public opinion remained unchanged.

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