Gen.G 2022 LCKCL roaster is complete

Gen.G 2022 LCKCL roaster is complete


Gen.G e-Sports (hereinafter referred to as Gen.G), which is preparing for the 2022 season, has completed its second-tier roster.

Gen.G officially announced the roster to play in the LCK Challengers League in the 2022 season through its official social network channel on the 23rd.

According to the announcement, “Zest” Kim Dong-min in the top liner, “Winner” Woo Joo-sung in the jungler, “Opeelia” Baek Jin-sung and “Quid” Lim Hyun-seung in the mid-liner, “Pase” Kim Soo-hwan in the long-distance dealer, and “Lospa” Park Joon-hyung in the supporter will be active.

Along with this, coach Son Min-hyuk, who played as a player in Damwon and Sandbox, was newly appointed as the coaching staff leading the team.

After introducing the Challengers members, Gen.G said, “I ask for a lot of expectations and support from fans in the 2022 season.”

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