Eye Sty Steaming Cold Steaming VS Hot Steaming

Eye Stye Steaming Cold Steaming VS Hot Steaming / How to manage eye disease

Eye Sty
One day, I woke up and felt uncomfortable and painful whenever I blinked strangely.

I looked in the mirror and one eyelid was swollen. It was an eye sty.

At first, I tried to let it slide.

But one night, I felt so much pain.

I think my eyes have become inflamed, but it’s hard to go to the hospital because it’s night right now and I was worried about what to do.

Eyelashes are caused by bacterial infections such as Mybomseum and Chaiisseum on the eyelids.

Not too much can be self-healing.

In severe cases, going to the hospital and getting medical treatment will help you recover quickly.

But when it’s hard to go to the hospital like me, the jjimjil…

Did you know that it can help you recover your sty?

Then, which one is better, cold or hot?

The answer is both.


Depending on the situation, eye packs can be helpful for eye sty if you apply hot and cold packs properly.

If you are in the early stages of eye sty and you don’t have severe inflammation yet, it’s helpful to use a hot pack.

Hot packs can promote blood circulation around the eyes and stimulate the glands of the eyes to help discharge waste matter.

It’s a disease that causes inflammation of the glands, so it’s a way to clean this place.

Cold packs, on the other hand, are helpful when you have severe stye pain.

Cold packs can help reduce swelling or relieve pain.

If you have a severe sty and have severe pain or swelling, you can relieve it with a cold pack.

Of course, if you have severe eye sty inflammation,

It’s a basic thing to go to the hospital without forcing yourself to hold it in! Keep that in mind!

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