KOREA 9 years, 352.4 billion won. The most influential ESPN

KOREA 9 years, 352.4 billion won. The most influential ESPN Why did I see it like that?


Shortstop Choi Dae-eo has no choice but to wear a pinstrip in the end.’

Carlos Corea (27), the biggest FA player, will be the first player to emerge as an issue when the Major League lockout is released. He, who wants a 10-year contract period and a total of more than $300 million, is bound to be of keen interest in which team he will go. Although chronic back injuries and sign-stealing power are reluctant variables, expectations that he will hit the highest ransom in the off-market remain dominant.

ESPN organized a corner titled “Rankings of 30 teams that will best match two superstar shortstopes” on the 23rd (Korea Standard Time) and introduced teams suitable for taking Corea and another FA shortstop Trevor Story. I focused on Corea.

First of all, ESPN predicted the size of the contracts between the two players at $297 million (about 352.4 billion won) for nine years and $115 million (about 136.5 billion won) for five years for Corea. He then picked four teams, the New York Yankees, the LA Angels, the Detroit Tigers, and the Philadelphia Phillies, and concluded that the Yankees are the most suitable clubs.

ESPN said, “Corea naturally suits Bronx (based on Yankee Stadium). Money can be a problem. The Yankees, who have set Gerrit Cole and Giancarlo Stanton under long-term contracts until 2027, will also have to sign a long-term contract with another big gun Aaron Judge. Another problem is that a new labor-management collective agreement (CBA) has not yet been prepared, so a hasty contract cannot be made. However, if these two problems are exceeded, the Yankees can easily get Corea in terms of pure team income and profits,” he predicted.

There are two main reasons why the Yankees should recruit Corea. He said it was because the shortstop was empty and he had to win right away.

ESPN said, “Corea will play shortstop for the next few years, and after that, he can hand over shortstop to rising star Anthony Wolf or Oswald Ferraza and move to third base,” adding, “Above all, the Yankees’ biggest focus is on winning the World Series.” Corea may not be a top class in the regular season, but she has the ability to win in October. Corea said, “The postseason career WPA is already third in history.”

ESPN then said, “The position with the highest demand in the market is shortstop. The Yankees, the richest club, need a superstar for the position. “If Corea builds a nest in the Yankees, the eyes of other teams will finally shift to the story,” he concluded.

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