Two Years of Dining and Running Humiliation 100 Billion

Two Years of Dining and Running Humiliation 100 Billion Man ERA 1.17 Restores Honor


Madison Bumgarner (33) of the Arizona Diamondbacks is recovering his honor. Bumgarner, who has been treated as a glutton for the past two years due to his poor performance, has changed to a one-point ERA this season. It ranks third in ERA in the National League.

Bumgarner started the game against St. Louis on the 30th (Korea Standard Time) and became a winning pitcher with three hits, one walk, two strikeouts and one run in five innings.

The only run was in the first inning against Paul Goldschmidt, who allowed a solo home run after a tight 12-ball game. Bumgarner threw 89 pitches until the fifth inning and handed the ball over to the bullpen in the sixth inning with a 2-1 lead. With Arizona’s 6-2 victory, Bumgarner recorded his first win in his fifth game of the season. His season record is one win, one loss, and a 1.17 ERA in five games.

Bumgarner had no luck in winning even though he pitched well after the opening. On April 8, he pitched as an opening pitcher against San Diego. During his time in San Francisco, he was honored to select the opening game for four consecutive years from 2014 to 2017, and again for four consecutive years from 2019 to 2022 season.

Since it was his first appearance in the opening game, he pitched only three innings and scored one run due to a limit on the number of pitches. He has been playing five innings since his second appearance. He scored one run in five innings against Houston on April 12 and five innings against Washington on April 19. He became a losing pitcher against the New York Mets on the 25th with a five-inning visa (one run). He allowed one run in five innings against St. Louis and finally won his first victory.

Bumgarner was the star in San Francisco’s even-numbered World Series victory. In particular, he won the World Series in 2014 alone, including two wins and one save, and won seven games (52이닝 innings), four wins, one loss, and one save with a 1.03 ERA in the postseason. With his career record in the World Series, he recorded an unbelievable record of four wins in five games (one shutout win), one save, and a 0.25 ERA (one run in 36 innings). He’s the best man in the World Series ever.

However, he has never recorded a 10-win season due to minor injuries and sluggishness since 2017. There was also a view that it was an aftereffects of throwing too many innings at a young age by winning three World Series championships 안전공원

Bumgarner, who became an FA after the 2019 season, left San Francisco and signed a five-year, $85 million contract with Arizona. It was sluggish with one win, four losses and a 6.48 ERA in nine games in 2020, which was held as a shortening season in the first year, and last year, it had only seven wins, 10 losses and a 4.67 ERA in 26 games. He has 8 wins, 14 losses and a 5.07 ERA in 35 games over the past two years. Compared to the $85 million ransom, it’s like eating and running.

However, the five games since the opening of this year have been outstanding. The U.S. media said, “Bumgarner’s 1.17 ERA is tied for third in the National League. Bumgarner, who debuted in 2009, has the lowest ERA this year in the first five starts of the season. The percentage of home runs (HR) is 2.1 percent, the second lowest after 1.8 percent in 2011.

Bumgarner is no longer a fast pitcher. It uses an average of 88 miles of cutters, 91 miles of four-seam fastballs, changeups, and curves. If you look at the ball combination, you throw about 50% of the cutter and 25% of the fastball. The arrest has not been particularly accelerated this year. The ball power seems to have improved.

One media outlet said, “The current 11.7 percent walk rate is the highest ever for an individual. If Bumgarner took control of the walk, he would be much better than he is now.”

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