Possibility of Reusing Condominiums in Ovulation

Possibility of Reusing Condominiums in Ovulation Phase Vaginal Conditions


Q: She is a woman in her early 30s who has been married for four years. Ten days ago, during the ovulation period, I had sex with my sex partner (a college student in his early 20s) at my house after my husband went to work. I asked for it.

At first, he took a shower with me and gave me my hand and mouth to assess the man, and in relationships he wore a condom. The problem is that there was only one condom, so I washed it with water and reused it.

I checked the condom after the evaluation and it was a little torn. In this case, what are the chances of pregnancy? I’m so worried. The menstrual cycle is constant about 30 days, and the scheduled period is about 9 days later.

A: If the contraceptive device is damaged, semen may enter the vagina. There is a good chance of pregnancy.

Please check after purchasing the pregnancy test machine at a pharmacy or convenience store. The time to use the implant is two weeks after the last relationship date.(Because after two or three days of sexual intercourse, it is fertilized and conceived about 10 days later.) You can check your pregnancy through the first urine in the morning.

If 10 days have passed since the relationship, visit a nearby obstetrics and gynecology clinic and have a blood test, you can check your pregnancy more accurately than during the pregnancy test period

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