my sleep-inducing medication when I couldn’t sleep.

Side effects of my sleep-inducing medication when I couldn’t sleep.

sleep-inducing medication
Day and night keep changing.

These days, it’s often the case, but days and nights have changed very badly before.

I thought I couldn’t do it like this, so I tried many ways.

Decreased caffeine, reduced smartphones, exercised…

I think it’s getting a little better, but my sleeping pattern is still broken.

I bought a sleep-inducing drug at the pharmacy because I thought it wouldn’t work.

Do you all know that sleeping pills and sleep-inducing drugs are different?

Sleep-inducing drugs are relatively weak compared to sleeping pills, but have less side effects.

So you can buy it at the pharmacy over the counter.

However, misuse is prohibited.

According to the KFDA guidelines, sleep-inducing drugs should be used within two weeks.

But if your insomnia doesn’t get better, I recommend you visit the hospital.

Anyway, I bought a sleeping inducer and took it.

I couldn’t fall asleep right after I ate.

But I was able to sleep in the evening.

What is widely known as side effects of sleep-inducing drugs are things such as impaired consciousness, abnormal urine discharge, and increased eye pressure.

But it’s not a serious side effect, but I had a side effect that it worked so well.

It’s a solution when you can’t sleep, but it’s hard to wake up after taking it because it’s so effective.

What’s interesting is that when I lie down, I can’t fall asleep right away, but when I sleep deeply, I sleep for 10 hours.

I think I slept for about 12 hours at a time.

Even after sleeping like that, I wanted to sleep more, so it was hard.

So these days, I just buy sleeping inducer and don’t take it very well.

I try not to eat especially when I have work the next morning.

The side effects of sleep-inducing drugs that happened to me were not serious.

Actually, there was no problem the next day.

However, depending on your constitution, it may be too effective as I am, so you should be careful.

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