I don’t understand this obsession Charles Barkley

I don’t understand this obsession Charles Barkley is a player who’s already done


Philadelphia’s obsession is getting worse.

According to NBC Sports’ report on the 6th (Korea Standard Time), legend Charles Barkley ruled out of the game for Philadelphia 76ers center D.Andre Jordan.

“Now Jordan has to sit next to coach Dr. Rivers. “His career is over,” he said. “He’s had a great career, but now he’s in a state where he can’t play. In particular, if you can’t move in the modern NBA, it will be very difficult.”

“Miami is not a very tall team. There’s only one big man, the snake Adebay. If I were Philadelphia, I think I would lead the flow to a shooting contest. It’s the only way to win,” he insisted.

The disaster occurred when Joel Embiid, the main center, was absent due to an orbital fracture injury. Jordan has a history of one All-Star (2017), two All-NBA teams (2015, 2017), and an All-Defensive First Team. Among the candidates for the Big Man line, Paul Reed and Paul Milsab, the name is actually the highest.

However, the cold truth is that Jordan at that time and Jordan now are different players. With the rapid aging of the population, the average score has been only four points in the past two seasons, showing a clear aging curve.

Coach Rivers had to play such a tough game in the first and second rounds of the 2022 NBA Conference semi-final against Miami, but gave up all the wins in the early stages. Jordan had a four-point margin of -22 in Game 1 and a six-point margin of -9 in Game 2.

“Our team loves André Jordan,” Rivers said. Whether you like it or not, we will continue to send Jordan out as a starter.” This is an obsession. Attention is drawn to how Philadelphia will respond, with Charles Barkley also taking a swipe

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