Tarry Dress Select Shop’s representative skirt is not a design

Tarry Dress Select Shop’s representative skirt is not a design variation


Rumors that actress Kim Tae-ri wore an imitation dress were not true at all. In fact, the head of the select shop, who sponsored the dress, explained it himself.

On the 8th, Taiwan’s ET Today drew attention by borrowing the words of some Chinese netizens, claiming that the white dress worn at the 58th Baeksang Art Awards, which Kim Tae-ri attended on the 6th, was an imitation. According to their claim, Kim Tae-ri’s dress is slightly different in detail from the dress worn by Hollywood actor Dakota Johnson in 2019, stressing that Kim Tae-ri’s clothes are imitation, and added grounds that it is impossible to change the design of the clothes if sponsored by the brand.

However, this was just a groundless claim.

Kim Tae-ri’s dress was sponsored and produced together, and the head of the select shop said on the phone with Star News on the 9th, “Kim Tae-ri’s dress is the genuine dress of the brand Brandon Maxwell.”

CEO Lee said, “Because each model has a different body type, it is naturally possible to change it from the original design,” adding, “Kim Tae-ri’s dress was not even a design change.” The skirt is bigger than the model, so it’s just a change in shape in the process of reducing it,” he said.

“Each person will adjust their clothes according to their body type. Changes in the shape of the dress are made through repairs. This is because it’s not custom-made dresses, he said. “The Chanel jacket is also tailored to the model and the buyer.”

Brandon Maxwell is a brand that was named after him by Brandon Maxwell, a Hollywood actor and former stylist of pop star Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s 2019 Matt Gala Dress also received a lot of attention, and she also won the 2019 CFDA Awards, called the fashion Oscars, and proved her skills by winning the Women’s Clothing Designer of the Year Award.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri won the popularity award and the best acting award in the TV category for tvN’s weekend drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” at the Baeksang Arts Awards.

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