Hong Jinyoung is back after a controversy Everyone

Hong Jinyoung is back after a controversy Everyone take care of your health


Singer Hong Jin-young showed off her goddess beauty.

Hong Jin-young posted a video on her SNS on the 11th, saying, “Everyone take care of your health.”

Hong Jin-young, who is dressed up from head to toe, emphasized his beauty with thick wave hair and dress.

Earlier in November 2020, Hong Jin-young stopped her activities due to controversy over plagiarism of her master’s thesis and spent time self-reflection.

The agency said, “As a public figure, I carefully decided to return to the company with a feeling of atonement for my mistake and carelessness that caused great disappointment to the public. Hong Jin-young is trying to overcome her fear of returning activities and start her first step to become a singer who can give bright energy.”

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