Son Taeyoung’s single parenting status in the U.S

Son Taeyoung’s single parenting status in the U.S She’s gotten prettier


Son Tae-young has made headlines for revealing her recent situation in the United States, where she is living apart from her husband.

On the morning of the 11th, actor Son Tae-young posted a picture of how he has been doing on his Instagram story with a message, “The day is so good that lightning.”

The released photo shows Son Tae-young meeting an acquaintance and taking a proof shot outdoors. Son Tae-young, in particular, showed off her gorgeous beauty that was not humiliated even in close proximity, which made fans admire.

Meanwhile, Son Tae-young married actor Kwon Sang-woo in 2008 and has one son and one daughter. Son Tae-young is currently staying in New York City with her two children.

Kwon also said about staying alone in Korea, “It would be nice to be alone, right? I’d rather hurry up and film. It’s a relief that it starts with a drink, right? “I miss you. I love you, Riho and Rookhee”

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