Lee Ha-nui’s self-maintenance full of passion even

Lee Ha-nui’s self-maintenance full of passion even at the end of her life gets bigger day by day

Lee Ha-nui

Actress Lee Ha-nui shared her recent pregnancy.

Lee Ha-nui posted six photos on Instagram on the 10th, with a message saying, “34 weeks vs 35 weeks. Now it’s a full-time pregnant view.”

Lee Ha-nui said, “My stomach is getting bigger day by day. Both Joy and I are doing well bravely and happily, he said. “Thank you for the support, love, and gifts you send us.”

Lee Ha-nui took a picture of herself working out. In another photo, Lee Ha-nui even posted stretching while doing leg splits on a yoga mat. In particular, Lee Ha-nui was admired by those who saw her as a constant athletic passion even though she was pregnant at 34 weeks and 35 weeks.

Meanwhile, Lee Ha-nui received support from fans in December last year when she announced her marriage to a non-celebrity man. She is due to give birth in June.

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