How is the cause of Candidasilitis Gardeninglasilitis different?

How is the cause of Candidasilitis Gardeninglasilitis different?


Today, we are going to talk about two things that a woman can get once in her life.

Candida vaginitis and Gardella vaginitis.

These two infections can be transmitted to your partner, but they’re not STDs at all, so even if you do,

Please consult with an expert with confidence.

Candida vaginitis is a vaginitis caused by the presence of a fungus called Candida in the vagina.

Because it’s fungus, it’s also a fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

First of all, Candidasilitis can cause severe itching and inconvenience in living.

It’s swollen, painful, white vaginal secretions.

Yellow or green vaginal secretions can also come out.

However, the color of the secretion alone cannot be determined to be Candidasylitis.

You’ll have to get an accurate diagnosis at the hospital!

Causes of Candida’s vaginitis include decreased immunity or insufficient sleep time.

In particular, if you like sweet food or have high blood sugar levels, your risk of developing Candidasylitis increases.

This vaginitis is highly likely to recur, so be careful not to recur.

Candida vaginitis is also a fungus, so bacteria work better in humid environments.

The outer part shall be kept dry and not humid.

If you use sanitary pads during your period, you’d better be careful not to get wet.

Gardnela is not an external fungus, but a fungus that lives with the vagina.

Many bacteria in the vagina need to be balanced, and the number of beneficial bacteria that help your health

Less and more harmful Gardella bacteria will break the balance.

There are a number of causes for a decrease in the number of normal bacteria, such as decreased immunity,

For other reasons, if you take antibiotics for a long time or wash your vagina frequently, the balance will collapse as normal bacteria will decrease.

Gardella vaginitis, unlike Candidas vaginitis, does not cause itching.

It’s secreted and smells fishy.

It is especially easy to develop before and after menstruation.

Gardella vaginitis also has a high risk of recurrence, so be careful.

foods and nutritional supplements good for vaginitis

You know our quality maintains an acidified environment, right?

Many bacteria are active to maintain acidity.

The necessary ingredient for this maintenance is lactobacillus.

Lactobacillus, the epitome of probiotics, plays a role in inducing acidification in the vagina.

Lactobacillus is high in fermented foods, with kimchi, cheese, yogurt, cheonggukjang, natto.

Eating your back is also a good eating habit to prevent vaginitis.

Also, take the female lactobacillus on the market separately.

I think it’s a good idea to prepare in advance.

It’s important to keep our bodies balanced!

Keep a healthy lifestyle to maintain balance in your vagina.

Please take related lactobacillus and be prepared in advance!

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