ERA 5.82 Toronto 168 billion ace doesn’t seem like

ERA 5.82 Toronto 168 billion ace doesn’t seem like the first starter


“He’s not pitching like the first starter”

Toronto’s new ace is being criticized. Toronto acquired right-hander Jose Berrios (28) in a trade with Minnesota last summer. Toronto, which has pointed out Berrios as its new ace, has signed a seven-year, $130 million extension contract with Berrios after last season, giving him considerable trust.

But now Berrios is not showing an ace-like pitching. Berrios, who had his worst start since the opening game against Texas with three hits and four runs in 이닝 innings, stopped more than five innings and less than three runs in four games, and made two quality starts, showing better pitching. The real problem was from May. Berrios, who collapsed with eight hits and six runs in 4 8 innings against Cleveland on the 6th (Korea Standard Time), is also sluggish with five hits and five runs in 5이닝 innings against the New York Yankees on the 12th, losing two losses and a 9.90 ERA in May alone. His season record is two wins, two losses, and a 5.82 ERA.

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Toronto picked Berrios. “Verios has been beaten all this time,” said Many people expected him to be a Cy Young candidate this year, but he’s not pitching like a first starter right now,” he said.

Last year, Toronto’s starting pitcher for the opening game was Ryu Hyun-jin. Ryu Hyun-jin won 14 games, the most in the team, but his ERA jumped to 4.37, losing his ace position to Robbie Ray, who won the American League Cy Young Award. Ray left Toronto after finishing last season, declaring an FA and signing a five-year, $115 million contract with the Seattle Mariners, and naturally Berrios took over the ace position.

Ryu Hyun-jin started as the team’s third starter this year, but he has a short hiatus due to his disappointing performance with a 13.50 ERA and a left arm injury. He will return to Tampa Bay on the 15th.

Meanwhile, picked Baltimore’s Trey Mancini (hitting .278 with one home run), Tampa Bay’s Randy Arozarena (hitting .2231), Boston’s Trevor Story (hitting .206 with one home run), and Yankees’ Joey Gallo (hitting .1873)

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