The association’s commitment to volunteer work

The association’s commitment to volunteer work for SJ is strong


Suga launched a campaign for the senior generation with a willingness to volunteer.

On the afternoon of the 12th, Shu announced on his Instagram that he would participate in a senior health promotion healthcare campaign hosted by the Korea Society for Social Contribution. Visit a social welfare center on the 14th to do good deeds.

Shu was previously appointed as a public relations ambassador to the Korea Society for Social Contribution last month. At the time, Shu said, “As a public relations ambassador, we will actively take the lead in helping young supporters and the underprivileged and continue to carry out various social service activities in the future.” Participation in this campaign can be said to have been directly engaged in social service activities, as his previous commitment.

In a related development, an official from the Korea Social Contribution Association explained to Herald POP on the 12th, “Mr. Shu originally said he wanted to do volunteer work for the senior generation, so Simcheong joined the campaign.”

An official said, “The elderly in the welfare center have not been able to do much outside activities due to COVID-19 recently. We are planning to do health promotion programs, including rehabilitation for them,” he said.

In the meantime, he added, “It is more likely that he will continue to participate in the campaign rather than being one-off,” and announced that Shu will continue to actively participate in volunteer work in the future.

Meanwhile, Shu returned four years after the recent gambling controversy

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