Why are you showing off Sunwoo and Eunsook’s daughter

Why are you showing off Sunwoo and Eunsook’s daughter in law?


Choi Sun-jung, a businessman well-known as actress Sunwoo Eun-sook’s daughter-in-law, expressed regret over the distorted gaze.

On the 11th, Choi Sun-jung revealed the contents of the DM she received from a netizen through her Instagram story.

Earlier, Choi Sun-jung drew attention by posting a message that she would share a baby bed used by her two children. The netizen who saw it said, “Donate the bed to me. You can donate money to other places, but you can’t give me this much. Sunjeong sent a message saying, “You don’t have to show off your trash because it’s trash that you don’t even use.”

Choi Sun-jung said, “Please don’t do this. He could not hide his disappointment.

“It’s okay for me because there are very few of these people and a lot more of them are not. However, there is only one person who sends this message, but I would appreciate it if you think that it’s not something that I’ve only experienced once. Sometimes, emotions come up first and it’s hard to get over it without a big deal,” he appealed.

In addition, he asked, “If we exchange a word warmly with each other, wouldn’t it be a better society to live in?”

Meanwhile, Choi Sun-jeong is married to Lee Young-ha and Sunwoo Eun-sook’s son Lee Sang-won, and has a daughter and a son and a sister.

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