Watch out for cigarettes in the middle of Itaewon

Watch out for cigarettes in the middle of Itaewon. Yoo Chae Won’s mother Byun Jung Soo’s SNS comment is offensive


Yoo Chae-won, the daughter of Byun Jung-soo and a model, expressed displeasure with a comment from a netizen.

Byun posted a message on his Instagram account on May 14, saying, “Oh my gosh! I’m your Amy,” he said, showing his affection by posting several photos of his daughter, Yoo Chae-won, who is working as a model.

One netizen left a comment on the post, saying, “Please be careful of walking around smoking in the middle of Itaewon road…” In response, Yoo Chae-won wrote, “I’m sorry, but please tell me directly rather than saying this in my mom’s post.”

In addition, Yoo Chae-won captured the comment on her Instagram story and said, “How do you feel when your mom leaves this misunderstood comment on your daughter’s bragging post? I’m also a person who gets hurt and I’m weaker than you think. If you have any complaints with me, please tell me in person.”

Meanwhile, Byun Jung-soo has two daughters. The first daughter, Yoo Chae-won, is working as a model for Petit Concierge Agency.

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