How to overcome insomnia in pregnant women?

How to overcome insomnia in pregnant women?


Mrs. B, who suffers from insomnia, can’t fall asleep easily and wakes up quickly as he enters the mid-term pregnancy.

I’m under a lot of stress because I can’t even take medicine and toss and turn at night.

The fetus will feel more comfortable when the mother is comfortable, but she’s worried about it.

There are many people who have a hard time falling asleep during pregnancy like B.

So today, we are going to find out the cause and solution of insomnia in pregnant women!

Early pregnancy is when hormones change most.

There are individual differences, but there are people suffering from morning sickness, and even if you barely eat,

I’m sure there are a lot of prospective mothers who are having a hard time during this period because of indigestion.

For this reason, fatigue builds up and breaks the regular sleep rhythm.

In addition, as I get full more and more, my uterus stimulates my bladder, which makes me go to the bathroom often.

The fetus is growing and playing in her stomach, and she’s got pelvic pain.

It’s hard to even sleep in a comfortable position due to heavy stomachs at night.

As a result, fatigue builds up in your body.

In addition to hormonal or physical changes, mothers can suffer from insomnia even if they are under severe stress.

It’s getting harder and harder to fall asleep at night, and it’s stressful.

Is there any way to solve the vicious cycle of sleeplessness?

Change your surroundings first.

Before you go to sleep, use indirect lighting to make your body feel the sleeping atmosphere and remove any irritating elements from your vision.

If I have insomnia, I take a nap because it’s too hard.

Too long a nap breaks the sleep rhythm.

So try to take a nap for up to an hour.

And it’s important to try to go to bed at a similar time when you normally sleep.

Proper water intake and exercise are also important for pregnant women’s health.

But drinking water before going to bed can interfere with a deep sleep.

Exercise is likewise disturbing to sleep soundly.

However, exercising about four to five hours before going to bed helps you sleep soundly.

It can be uncomfortable due to physical changes during pregnancy.

If so, it can be a way to find a more comfortable sleeping position by using a body pillow.

I know you can talk to a specialist about taking medication.

You may want to consider taking a safer supplement.

Melatonin ingredients and magnesium can help you sleep.

But it’s not medicine, it’s nutritional supplements, it’s not a single little thing during pregnancy.

As much as you need to pay attention, it would be better to consult a specialist.

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