Reseraphim Kim Garam’s response to allegations of school

Reseraphim Kim Garam’s response to allegations of school violence without changing his stance


Kim Ga-ram, a member of the group Reseraphim, said his agency has not changed its position amid allegations of school violence once again.

On the 16th, Reseraphim’s agency Source Music told HeraldPOP, “There has been no change in the existing position that the company has expressed. We have begun legal action, and details will be covered through legal procedures,” he said.

Earlier on the 15th, an additional revelation was posted on the online community regarding Kim Ga-ram’s alleged school violence. A netizen released a document titled “Notification of the Results of the School Violence Countermeasures Committee,” and the student is pointed out as Kim Garam, along with the article “Issue No. 2018-3 Notification of Articles 16 and 17 of the School Violence Prevention and Countermeasures Act.”

Currently, it is unclear whether the document is true or not. The names and details of the victim students are covered, and Internet users are covering the authenticity of the document by looking at the part where the name of the perpetrator is written, “Kim Garam in Class 3 of the 1st grade. The agency is maintaining its position without commenting on the document.

Kim Ga-ram was embroiled in allegations of school violence even before his debut. Before his debut, a netizen who claimed to be Kim Ga-ram’s classmate said, “Kim Ga-ram committed school violence,” adding, “He was famous in middle school. Of course I smoked and drank. The perpetrator who bullied his classmates,” he said.

Another netizen also revealed it by writing a post titled “Kim Garam’s Past.” The article contained images of Kim Garam and her friends who took pictures in front of the blackboard with sexual pictures and terms.

Internet users argued over whether the allegations of school violence were true or whether the photos were real, not fabricated. Due to allegations of Kim Ga-ram’s school violence, Lesherafim was under fire even before his debut.

In the end, the agency said, “The recent allegation was a malicious slander of the member by cleverly editing the problems that occurred when the member made friends early after entering middle school, and contrary to some claims, the member was a victim of school violence such as malicious rumors and cyberbullying.”

The agency said Kim Ga-ram was a victim of cyberbullying, not a perpetrator of school violence, and claimed that the allegations of school violence were groundless. Kim Ga-ram did not elaborate on the issue at his debut showcase, saying, “I can’t tell you about this. We’ll show you how hard we work,” he said.

Leader Kim Chae-won also spoke on behalf of Kim Ga-ram, saying, “It is difficult to say because we are discussing and responding to this issue with the company. There will be an opportunity to tell you exactly later, he added.

While suspicions of Kim Garam’s school violence have once again surfaced, it raises questions about what the truth of Kim Garam’s school violence allegations will be

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