Hyoyeon’s first solo album. Cheer up for Girls’ Generation

Hyoyeon’s first solo album. Cheer up for Girls’ Generation


Group Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon (HYO) will release her first mini album “DEEP” (Deep) today (16th). Expectations are high as it is Hyo-yeon’s first solo album and contains Hyo-yeon’s unique energy and music color.

● Questions and answers about Hyoyeon’s first mini album “DEEP”.

Q1. How do you feel about releasing your first mini album as a solo artist?

– I’m very excited to release my first mini album as a solo singer. Since it’s our first mini album, we worked hard on it, so please show a lot of interest and love!

Q2. What did you pay most attention to in this album?

– I paid the most attention to the album concept. And I think I thought a lot about how to impress Hyoyeon to the public.

Q3. What’s the point of listening to “Deep” in the title song?

– The chorus part of “DEEP” is the most attractive. I used DEEP, which means to fall deeper into me, and the prefix Whip, which means to be swept away, but it’s really addictive, so you’ll have to fall in.(laughs)

Q4. What kind of performance can we see with the title song “DEEP”?

– We prepared a performance that uses spider concepts as a whole, like a dance that reminds you of a spider web, and I think you’ll be able to feel the intensity while watching the performance of “DEEP”.

Q5. Honey J, who worked together on Mnet’s “Hit the Stage,” participated in the choreography production of the title song. How was the collaboration process?

– When I first heard “DEEP,” I thought Honey J would go well with Honey J’s choreography. We’ve been sharing opinions with Honey J to create great performances, and we’ve got powerful choreography as we wanted, so please look forward to it!

Q6. I heard that this album contains various attempts to show in the electronic genre

– In addition to the intense EDM title song DEEP and pop dance song Stupid, the album contains songs of various electronic genres such as progressive houses, deep houses, cytrans combining hard styles, mumbartons, and light and lively electronic pop. There are many genres in EDM like this, and I have tried music in many ways, such as those that are gaining popularity or those that EDM enthusiasts like.

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