Ear piercing place swelling (monguri) earlobes or keloid

Ear piercing place swelling (monguri) earlobes or keloid (heavy scar)


Q: Hello. A single woman in her late teens. I got my ears pierced this spring. I don’t know in detail whether it’s earlobes or mongwoori, but I’m worried about the swelling of the ear piercing. It keeps bothering me. When I touch that part, there’s no problem with the outside, but the inside is hard. It’s hard to tell with your eyes. You have to touch it to feel it. I say there is no pus or pain.

Originally, there were a few times when the right ear without piercing had these symptoms. After a few days, it got smaller and disappeared. This symptom is just a temporary phenomenon, so I don’t think it has anything to do with piercing ears. It seems to be all the more irrelevant because it’s been half a year since I pierced my ears 비아그라 파는곳

Should I visit a hospital for treatment if the symptoms get worse, so that I can identify them with my eyes, or if I get pain, blood, or pus? It’s something that I’m worried about and worried about.

A: I’m worried that something like a mongwoori can be touched on my ear piercing. You could say that there’s usually a scar on the spot, a sebum cyst or keloid. If the size does not grow any more and there are no symptoms as it remains or decreases, please watch the progress a little more. If not, visit a nearby dermatologist for treatment. Thank you.

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