Causes of cystitis in pregnant women foods good for cystitis

Causes of cystitis in pregnant women + Recommended foods good for cystitis


A has a lot of discomfort because she has to pee often and doesn’t come out cool even if she goes to the bathroom.

A common disease in women as well as pregnant women, cystitis.

Today, let’s find out why pregnant women are prone to bladder infections and what foods are good for bladder infections.

Women’s urethra is usually about three centimeters long enough for germs to enter the bladder.

Because it’s short, it’s easy for germs to settle in the bladder.

This causes women to develop cystitis more frequently than men.

Many women are prone to bladder infections, even if they are not pregnant.

Bladderitis is caused by E. coli and bacteria residing in the vagina reproducing in the bladder.

It is accompanied by pain when urinating, pain in the lower abdomen and upper hip, urination, urination, hematuria.

Pregnant women, in particular, are more vulnerable to bacterial invasion and are prone to bladder infections because of their weakened immune system.

Pregnant women get pressed on the way to urinate as their uterus gets bigger.

So I want to go to the bathroom often during pregnancy, and even if I go to the bathroom,

The urine doesn’t come out cool, but comes out slowly.

The low flow of urine keeps the urine in the bladder for a long time.

Germs propagate in warm, moist bladders, which can be easily affected by bladders.

Pregnant women’s bladder infections should be treated immediately.

It can spread from cystitis to nephrosis if bacteria cannot be prevented from reproducing.

Sinus nephritis is especially dangerous because it can cause premature birth.

But it’s hard to conclude that it’s cystitis because it’s a phenomenon in pregnant women!

If you have hematuria or feel pain in your back near your hip, make sure you visit the hospital.

Also, cystitis and vaginitis have something in common that bacteria reproduce due to decreased immunity.

There are also asymptomatic bacterial urinary tracts, so please consult a specialist.

The food good for cystitis is called cranberries.

Proanthocinyanidine, a component that prevents E. coli from sticking to the bladder, is said to be included.

It would be helpful to eat cranberries during pregnancy as a precaution.

It is also said that old pumpkins help restore strength and immunity.

Bacterial reproduction is closely related to immunity, so it would be good to eat as a precaution.

The rate of recurrence of cystitis is quite high.

So if you have bladder infections, make sure you take all the prescribed antibiotics.

You’d better visit the hospital until you’re completely cured.

I’ll prescribe antibiotics for pregnant women, so don’t worry!

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