Jessica Tyler Kwon’s girl group debut competition with Koo Yeon-in

Jessica Tyler Kwon’s girl group debut competition with Koo Yeon-in


Jessica, a former member of Girls’ Generation, will compete with her current lover Tyler Kwon for her girl group debut.

The production team of the Chinese Mango TV audition program “Seungpung Blue Jeojeo Season 3” (Seungpung Blue 3) released profile photos of the audition participants on Weibo on the 17th, and Jessica was included.

In the picture, Jessica is looking seductive. Jessica, dressed in a white set-up, showed her sensuality with bold exposure, while wearing a dress embroidered with spangles to create a colorful appearance on the stage.

The production team introduced Jessica as an “unique diamond tone.”

“Seungpung Parang 3,” where Jessica is about to appear, is an audition program that depicts the process of celebrities aged 30 or older auditioning and re-challenging to girl groups. Jia, a former Miss A, once challenged the program and worked as a girl group. Hong Kong star Chang Baek-ji also appeared on the show in the past.

Earlier news of Jessica’s appearance caused a stir. This is due to the fact that Girls’ Generation members, who enjoyed unrivaled popularity in Asia, will re-debut as Chinese girl groups. As he left the domestic entertainment industry at the time of his withdrawal due to friction with some Girls’ Generation fans, the view on his return is divided.

Suspicions have also been raised that Jessica’s profile was marked as “Korean-Chinese,” and she faced criticism. In line with China’s cultural justice crisis, criticism of him was rampant, but a domestic agency countered that the profile was not written by Jessica.

Jessica changed her Weibo profile from “Korean Singer” to “Singer” ahead of her appearance on the show, drawing cold attention

Jessica is expected to compete fiercely for her girl group debut. About 30 “old stars” from all walks of life, including female MCs, singers and actors who appear in “Seungpung Parang 3,” will compete for a five-member position. This season, famous Chinese stars such as Chae Tak-yeon, Kwak Chae-gyeol, Na-young, and Oh Geun-eon are expected to participate in the competition, which will not be easy.

It is also interesting that Jessica will face Jong-heondong, the current lover and former lover of business partner Tyler Kwon, in this program. Jong-heun-dong had been in an open relationship for about 10 months, participating in Tyler Kwon’s official appearance, but broke up. Tyler Kwon began dating Jessica after breaking up with Jong-Hyeon-dong and has been in progress so far.

The production team also released Jong-Hyeondong’s profile this time.

Coincidentally, Girls’ Generation announced its return to the “complete group” for the first time in five years on the 17th, when Jessica’s “Seungpung Blue 3” profile was known in Korea. It’s all but Jessica. This is why Girls’ Generation fans who are looking at Jessica’s return to China are bound to feel complicated.

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